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W.D. Hunt & Associates in Parramatta, NSW is a specialist personal injury compensation law firm that offers its clients compensation advice and services outside the square. Our team of compensation lawyers in Parramatta, NSW are well versed with the law and have years of experience.

From their initial conference with our Firm our clients realise that they have placed themselves in the hands of expert, competent and compassionate compensation lawyers, determined to ensure that they receive the maximum amount of compensation to which they are entitled.

This philosophy translates into a comprehensive, thorough and individual approach to each client's compensation claim. From your initial conference we work out a plan and strategy for your claim that is designed to maximise the amount of compensation you receive.

We investigate the accident that has caused your injuries with our private investigator visiting the place the accident occurred, talking to witnesses of the accident and talking to your family and friends. In a large number of cases these thorough preliminary investigations, including face to face conferences with our client and their family, have led to further medical problems being identified by our team which have been missed by the medical profession. For example, we have identified additional significant injuries such as brain injury, eye sight problems, hearing loss, bladder problems and psychological injury. We pride ourselves in obtaining full and comprehensive details of our client's injuries and ask many questions which may lead us to discover other injuries which may have been missed by our client's doctor.

We review your medical reports and hospital notes with great attention to detail to ensure that all your medical problems from the accident have been identified and diagnosed. We also arrange for our expert team of medical practitioners to provide medical reports on your injuries that are extremely difficult for insurance companies to ignore because of the reputation and standing of the medical practitioners we use. Some of the independent medical specialist we refer our clients to are; Dr Stephen Buckley, Rehabilitation Specialist; Dr Patricia Jungfer, Consultant Psychiatrist specialising in brain injury; Dr Andrew McClure, Psychiatrist; Dr Alan Searle, Orthopaedic Specialist; Associate Professor Michael Fearnside, Neurological Surgeon; all of whom are trained medical assessors used by the Motor Accidents Authority and/or the Workers Compensation Commission. We also use specialist Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physiotherapists who can assist with needs assessments and claims for care. We use Australian Rehabworks Pty Ltd and their extensive experience and services can be viewed on their homepage.

We brief the prestigious barristers at Jack Shand Chambers for our clients' compensation claims and have a strong working relationship with these barristers who handle our clients' matters expeditiously and with great expertise.

In short, we go over your accident and your injuries with a fine toothcomb and we don't miss a thing.

Why do we use this approach?

Put simply - because it ensures that our clients receive the maximum amount of compensation for their injuries.

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